Workforce Balance

Available Summer 2016

Recognizing the need to diversify a workforce is one thing, but creating this kind of culture change can be a difficult and lengthy process. So how do you get started? At NB-MAP, we believe change of this kind has to be built up over time from the inside it has to be owned by frontline employees as much as management.

Businesses and unions can start by helping their employees feel more comfortable working with women. NB-MAPs Workforce Balance curriculum helps employee groups explore the misunderstandings and debunk the myths, in a safe environment, through interactive exercises and frank discussion. This course will help learners feel more comfortable working with those who are different than them, through a genuine discovery of issues and exploration of practical strategies to enable teamwork across gender and ethnic lines.


Class size: minimum 8, maximum 12

Session duration: 3 hours

Materials provided: presentation, pocket reference guide, textbook, workshop handouts and exercise materials

Register as an individual learner through our self-serve training calendar. (coming soon)

Arrange a session in-house (please note the class size requirements).

Contact us for more information.

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