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New Boots Spotlight on Women in Trades May 2018

Posted on 15 May 2018

Melissa Bradley

Melissa Bradley is newly certified carpenter this month! She lives in Bubartown, NB, with her husband and two children and works with Timothy Cook Construction. Melissa is a NBCC Woodstock graduate and had previously studied drilling/blasting but found it hard to find work as a female in this sector and decided to pursue carpentry instead as she really wanted to work in a skilled trade. What she loves the most about working in a trade is that it's always changing and she's always learning something new. Melissa is a strongminded person wanting to break down barriers for other women in trades, having faced many herself these past years.  She is a creative, driven and outspoken individual with the goal to get more women into trades and knowing Melissa we have a great ambassador to do just that! She has already participated in awareness activities and has encourage girls and women to pursue their passion for their trade.  One great lesson she has learned in her apprenticeship is "Always ask questions and keep asking till you understand". When she isn't busy at work, she is engaged at home spending time with her kids who keep her quite active as she runs after them most often!

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