Meet the New Boots

Rockwell's Rosie the RiveterWhen we started this program, we had every intention of introducing the world to our 15 program participants.

Unfortunately, studies have consistently shown that women in trades who are publically attached to programs of this kind become the target of increased bad will from their coworkers. And in the world of online commentary and social media, trail-blazers like our New Boots participants can be even more vulnerable to abuse from people they've never met. As a result, the NB-MAP team has decided to protect the identity of our participants.

But what we can do is tell you what these women have in common:

  • All of the New Boots are Block 1 apprentices
  • Ages 19 to 50
  • Located in all regions of the province: North, East, West, South
  • Family make-up ranges from single to lone-parent
  • Love their jobs in the skilled trades:
    • enjoy getting dirty
    • enjoy working with their hands
    • love building things
    • use problem solving on a daily basis
    • take immense pride in their work
  • Not one of them wants to be treated any differently from their male colleagues

  • They all want the chance to prove themselves and have an equal opportunity to show their skills

Sadly, this tiny cohort of 15 women represent a huge change in the New Brunswick trades workforce. Before the New Boots apprentices were hired and recruited, there were less than 100 female apprentices in all of the construction trades in the entire province. That means our 15 New Boots represent a whopping 15% increase in the female trades workforce in New Brunswick, and they still have years of work ahead of them before becoming certified journeypersons.

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