The truth is that our skilled trades industry is facing a labour shortage due to an aging workforce and lack of skilled workers to replace them, with many investments in infrastructure & transport projects that will need qualified skilled trades workers.  Women and other underrepresented groups are an untapped talent pool to fill these shortages.

What's the business case to hire women in skilled trades?

  • A diverse workforce can improve business performance, productivity, public image, market reach and health and safety.
  • Women represent a large untapped talent pool for employers of New Brunswick.
  • Women are often a loyal workforce long term as they build strong ties with their communities, which reduces absenteeism and turnover for employers and improves presentism
  • Women are less likely in today's world to be sidelined by the physical demands of the skilled trades because of advancement in technology
  • Women are motivated learners so they improve productivity, innovation and health and safety
  • Women bring different skills & strengths to the workplace with higher communication skills, a collaborative work ethic, an attention to details, better dexterity, etc.
  • When women are on the worksite, productivity goes up, tools are in better shape with less wear and tear, and a cleaner work environment

Employers are critical to the New Boots program as they are the ones that hire apprentices to properly train the journeyperson of tomorrow which keeps our industry strong. Skilled trades employers offer well-paying jobs, interesting & challenging work experience, and training for apprentices.

Getting hired is still the #1 barrier for women in skilled trades.
Employers - call us, get involved, we NEED you!

What is in it for you the employer?

As a New Boots employer, you will have access to a coordinator:

  • Access to a network of female apprentices & females working in skilled trades
  • Help you create a positive work environment
  • Create diversity policies
  • Review and/or improve recruitment processes
  • Access to resources, tools, funds
  • Access to selected New Boots events and NB-MAP training
  • Promote your job posting within our network & social media

How can employers get involved?

  • Contact us and join our employer database
  • Hire a  female apprentice or female journeyperson
  • Offer on-site visits, mentoring or job shadowing to girls and women exploring skilled trades
  • Attend some of our New Boots and NB-MAP events
  • Contract us for diversity training or human resources consultant services
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